Former client volunteers in Kenya

Posted: 6 September 2018 12:50 pm

A former client of Stepping Stone Projects has swapped the comfort of her UK flat for a volunteering role in Kenya.

Sally Coupe, 20, has travelled to Taita Taveta to work with the international development charity, Voluntary Services Overseas as part of the UK Governments funded International Citizen Service (ICS) programme.

In order to realise her dreams, Sally was asked to fundraise for the VSO, whose aim is to have a real and lasting impact through sustainable development projects. Stepping Stone Projects made a substantial donation, the rest Sally raised through innovative fund-raising events, all of which she organised from her Stepping Stone flat.

Sally is enjoying working in partnership with Kenyan volunteers to help lift some the world’s poorest communities out of poverty and support families to build a better livelihood for themselves. To help achieve this, Sally is living with a host family to fully immerse herself in the local community and therefore gain a direct understanding of the challenges they face every day.

It’s not been without its challenges. Communicating to Stepping Stone Projects from Kenya, Sally recently describes the challenges of adapting to such things as her bathing out of buckets of cold water, not having the luxury of running water, adjusting to very different food, and challenging the common misconception that all white people are rich.

Some of the thing Sally has achieved so far:

  • Taught 157 school children basic life skills, communication skills, ICT skills and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Educated disabled youths to empower them and fight for equality rights.
  • Written several lengthy reports on her findings.
  • Took part in Action Citizenship Day on the topic of gender-based violence and gender equality.
  • Participated in a Youth International week which aims to motivate and empower youths.

On return to the UK, as an ICS volunteer, Sally will undertake an Action at Home project ensuring that her new skills also have social value for her local community.

Sally says: "I came here with a vision to make a difference to at least one person's life and I can honestly say hand on heart that I have done so, for which I am forever grateful."

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