GM Good Employment Charter Supporter

Posted: 24 February 2021 8:55 am.

Stepping Stone Projects is proud to announce that we have signed up to, and been accredited as a Supporter of, the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. The Charter is the first of its kind in the UK and aims to improve employment standards across Greater Manchester.

This means that SSP is among other Employers in Greater Manchester leading the way in #GoodEmployment.

SSP has always been committed to be a great place to work for all of our colleagues and becoming a Supporter of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter formalises this commitment. The key characteristics covered in the Charter are:

  • secure work;
  • flexible work;
  • real living wage;
  • excellent people management;
  • workplace engagement and voice;
  • excellent recruitment and progression; and
  • a healthy and productive workplace.

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