A poem written by one of our customers

Posted: 6 December 2023 1:38 pm.

A customer who recently joined us on our A Bed Every Night service has written a poem on her experience of homelessness.


Do we all appear as vagrants

in depravity immersed?

Do you know the kind of cruelty

with which we are well versed?

We are denied our privacy.

The joy of the recluse.

Without means,

There's little motive.

It's not just an excuse.

When you live your life

for all to see,

Dignity is a luxury.

We hide our disappointments

and our shame.

Feeling how you view us

as insane.

If you quench your thirst

with alcohol,

Does that make you

a Neanderthal?

If you kill your pain

with drugs,

Does that make you

a thug?

On the outskirts of society

Adversity is reality.

So when you see us

Dont look through us

As if we are not there.

We're all made of the same stuff.

The D.N.A we share.

We are blood and bone

and stardust,

Hopes and dreams and lust.

Passing through,

Just like you.

Doing what we must.

We can shine

like diamonds do

when lit up

in the dark.

Dont write us off.

We've much to say.

We will make our mark.

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